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Invoicing No. II

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INVOICE TO:  Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian Church

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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To EKD and the Roman Catholic Church

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Germany, Luebeck, 17 May 2016  

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From: Ursula Sabisch []

Sent: Thursday, 19 May 2016 11:37                                                    

To: The EKD & Roman Catholic Church    

Subject: Matter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, DearSecular Rulers,

It is also high time for your institution, the Church, to review its financial policy and to take into account the ecumenism which you, as Protestants, have striven for, but this bill preferably turns out to be quite high!

Pay the price that is demanded, in that you will also remain in discussion with the Roman Catholic Church, but the set goal of your church will change quite decisively!

Please share the costs listed in the invoice in equal parts*, in which you as Protestants were also involved, and inform yourself about this on the homepages of my person or better ask the citizens of my hometown about the events in* the matter and commission of the Lord.

I wish especially you as Protestants a good success and hope that true clergymen can also be found in your church, which will crystallise at the end of time for every present dignitary.

So I remain with kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

Date                                                           Balance                                            Amount



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Clergy,

It was with dismay that I watched the carnival from London and Mainz on TV yesterday and the day before.

Round birthdays were celebrated for people who should embody a position with a special function for humanity.

Both persons have one thing in common; both are in the last third of their lives, whereby one of these persons was preferably chosen and determined by man and the other person was called by God into a high office. 

This specific high office was laid down on Pentecost Monday and was burdened with a very heavy legacy in that the controversial ecumenism was always promoted by this person and thereby his person was highly honoured on the part of Protestantism.

One of these persons resides in a castle, the other person does not.

At the same time, it was made clear in the news that Kenya will send over 300,000 refugees back to Somalia on the justified grounds that rich Europe will eventually also close its borders to the refugees.

Furthermore, it was reported in the news that about 30 whales were stranded near the coast of Mexico, which is not without reason and this cause could be of great importance; especially what will speed up the progress in the matter.

It can no longer be one carnival after another and the outstanding bills not being paid. This is now the second real bill that the Christian churches have to pay.

I urge you not to inflate the price any further, because the bills that will be coming down on individuals should not drag on any longer.

Please pay the bill number 1 immediately and subsequently this bill number II please also immediately, in that you as the Church will provide two billion Euros for the renovation work of the monasteries and castles of this world and the rest must be used for the affected people.

Every called person who is to be held responsible for the present *severity of celibacy will be even more than grateful that the funds of the administration of the Church have hereby* been properly and not wrongly invested.

It cannot be that one petition after another lands in my letterbox, for which I am actually grateful, but the Christian dignitaries are of the opinion that everything will sort itself out through prayers.

For this reason, I will once again take the trouble to remind the clergy of their actual roots and of their existence, since many seem to be found only "asleep."

> So I remain with kind regards,

> Ursula Sabisch

HP: Precious letters in this context have also long been available for orphans worldwide!

CC/   Worldwide to the EKD and the Roman Catholic Church.