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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To Mr.

Dipl. Kfm. Wolfgang Grupp        

TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e. K.

Josef-Mayer-Str. 31-35

72393 Burladingen


Luebeck, May 10, 2016

Free English translation on 4 September 2021.

Inheritance Tax used correctly CC

Please let the German-language letter be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right persons.

Dear Mr. W. Grupp, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

Yesterday my person followed the popular broadcast " Rough aber Fair" via TV, in which you were also invited as a guest, and today I am now writing you this valuable letter.

The topic "Inheritance Tax" seemed to stir the minds, as the obituary of individuals also seemed to be connected with this matter.

Since you, Mr. Grupp, have a quite good and reasonably free mind and have formed yourself an opinion and a direction for your company and your descendants, I would like to use fairly a friendly letter style, by I must go however also  rough with you into the court!

Nobody, simply almost no human being can possess in an honest and clean way in his life more than at the most 150.000 Euro besides, if he must finance at the same time the current costs like rent and insurances or the building of his house and provide for his living.

If one should have then still money for a luxury vehicle and for vacation pleasures at the disposal, then quite simply something completely substantial cannot be correct in the national economy, which must make itself then noticeable on the shade side of the life!

That means, somebody or other groups pay for your concentrated surplus, which for example you generate as an entrepreneur by your enterprise.

How is this related?

It is connected in the first place with it, as that you and all others exclusively only by the use of artificially produced energies, which come preferably from the plug socket, went into the mass production and can use and consume thus machines, materials and humans in masses, because only in this way such a high net profit is to be reached.

However, if every employee or worker had, for example, a treadle sewing machine and scissors to work on and tailor the fabrics, your bill or profit margin would be quite different; not to mention fabric production and dyeing of fabrics without artificially generated energy.

By the necessary time expenditure you would need then with the capacities of your enterprise much more personnel, whereby you would have to carry the hourly wage of the employees and the social security contributions to be paid proportionately for the employee and under the line for you as employers then a normal salary would remain, which is however completely obviously not the case.

Now, as an entrepreneur, you wanted to remain competitive and will have set aside capital for an expansion of the business so that you can grow your business in the future and consume and use even more materials and even more people.

Only how long were you and others going to continue this seemingly endless cycle at the expense of future generations and at the expense of the environment through which the artificial energy is released?

By the "scammed" capital, which you could multiply cheaply by your employees, you can buy now material in abundance, although this material was meant already long ago for coming generations, but only few people will ask for the inheritance of coming generations.

Forcibly the imbalance on earth had to become larger and larger by this crookedness, since not all nations got into the industrialization or came much too late behind this ingenious system of a national economy, whereby the chimneys smoked and an environmental disaster after the next famine, particularly also in Africa, already show their clear traces for a long time.

By this money shifting to individual persons or groups, whereby the "bankers" could help themselves particularly easily at the source of the speculations by the stock market which creates or smashes the jobs by such artificially produced goods and securities, other individual persons or groups have been left standing, although these will possibly produce daily a much larger load and achievement than those who sit in a key position and/or at the accumulated capital!

And such a crookedness wanted to bequeath you and others also, whereby then still the inheritance tax is omitted, if your descendants will continue the enterprise the next ten years in this sense? !

So far so good, but only up to a turning point of the time history this crookedness was obviously "planned" in the sense of foreseeable and this in an age of the atom, whereby mankind is able to destroy and annihilate itself and the world!

And now my person comes on the parquet and will break the chains of the industrialization with all hardness and severity by giving priority to the actual world-cultural-heritage "including inheritance tax" and the enrichment of single persons must have an end by making the just sharing superficial!

You and others, with whom the funds have accumulated and which are thought and planned with certainty as an administrator, all will please take care that worldwide the hunger is ended immediately, by investing in reasonable, future-oriented projects, especially in the Third World must be made, and which must be kept running of course.

Should you and other millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires act contrary, then the Cudgel of my person will crush those who have exploited and abused a quite dangerous situation, what will certainly happen retroactively and what can be gathered from my extensive homepages.

Enough is now with the golden spoon and the tomb for a simple person, unless, Mr. Grupp, you want to follow your actual inner voice and achieve something, something that fills your descendants and your fellow men with pride.

If you are really someone who wants to surround yourself with these beautiful things of life in a clean way and the feeling of "being needed" becomes real, then I would have something highly complicated to offer you in addition and that is something concerning the beleaguered African continent, to which you will obviously have a special connection.

You wanted to know where you will lie once and therefore you have already ordered a tombstone; however, I suspect you lie there completely wrong.

For this reason I offer to you and many other exceptional personalities to go on journeys by you and other persons to cross my planned journeys abroad and to follow them for a time to get to know what is happening around my person and for example around your person from the Monumental-Area respectively what is happening.

This certainly requires a lot of courage and it also requires a lot of money so that you have a fair compensation for this set task in the matter and so that you can solve this task more easily.

I hope you and other millionaires and billionaires will be able to bequeath a natural smile to your children tax-free and a desirable future on top of that.

My itinerary is not yet set, as I still have to wait for my hard-earned pocket money, which I will only accept under certain conditions. One of those conditions is ending hunger around the world!

So I remain with

kind regards,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: By the way, I demand my pocket money tax-free from what I consider to be the biggest "crooks" far and wide and that for me is Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt!

May 18, 2016/ Sept. 15, 2019

This letter is intended for all people who will most likely get into a special situation or position and should or must get an opportunity to be able to go on cultural journeys, in that these people will cross or temporarily accompany my paths under a foreign network to change their own situation and the entire situation, which will most likely happen for the most part through the Monumental-Area.

___________Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany ____________