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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Rübenkoppel 1, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

To the TV- and Radio-Stations


To the Newspaper Publisher

And Magazine Publisher


Luebeck, 2004, May Thursday 27th


Whitsunday Writing

„Grand Princess” Luxury liner / CC /

Please, let this letter be translated in many different languages and let it be read or printed out for your listeners, viewers and readers. See that German language document here!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Adolescents!

Today again a luxury liner has be launched; it is currently worldwide the most luxurious liner, baptised with the name "Grand Prinzess".

Absolutely the liner will be equipped with chandeliers from lead glass, with gold leaf and brass, with marble floors or parquet floors and with noble wood as probably mahogany, teak or cherry tree wood. Also the most choice silk carpets will not be absent, as well as a lot next more.

Now this luxury liner could transport theoretically its passengers directly in the Middle East to Dubai in the seven-stars hotel there; only what will probably be passed with the guests of the luxury liner and the seven-stars hotels after these luxury experiences, namely when the floor is again made of stone or from PVC?

How these people will have changed; will these people be changed by such experiences and will they note themselves generally?

The question, nevertheless, my person drives home is: What happens with the children and adolescents, who have got to know these luxury classes and what is with the adolescents or young people, who are put in the service of such luxury arrangements or facilities?

Very fast these children and young people will recognise, that they on the luxurious side would want to, however, on the other side could come. 

Either, one is served, or one must serve and then aims just at the luxury by the service in the luxury arrangements, while one maybe decides on the branch of profession as an entertainment officer, as a gourmet`s cook or a page, a steward, a waiter or waitress,  a bellboy, a tourist guide, a beautician, a masseur, a chambermaid or a telephonic or a receptionist.

Not everybody is equipped with the possibilities to be able to take up a dream job and thus still remains for many ones the possibility to make the suitable acquaintances and connections by one`s  outfit and one`s youth, which could let change to the luxurious side.

But everybody does not receive the offer or the chance to get a job in the luxury class, which is combined with the public business.

Nevertheless, besides, one must also find out, that every young person does not have the wishes, ideas and images of a luxurious life; however, in that way young people become more and more and particularly, when one got as a child already in this luxury world.

If one takes  a closer look at these luxury facilities, one can recognise, that a lot of craftwork and also the art craft were required for special furniture installations and special craftworks arrangements.

If one has a look, however, at old castles or at old churches and inspects these a little bit closer, one also recognises very fast, that exclusively by the arts and crafts or by the craftworks the pieces of art and buildings have originated and these values still are guaranteed up to the present day.

The difference between a luxuriously equipped castle and a preciously equipped church primarily consisted in the fact, that a castle were accessible only to well-chosen people and the churches were opened for everybody else and there each one was allowed to consider or to marvel the works of art and the splendour.

It is similar today with the five- to seven-** stars hotels and luxury liners of this world, too, whose access is permitted only for people with a thick purse or for people with a suitable employment contract.

Today the churches and castles have got long ago in the offside by the splendour, shine and gleam of the top consumer classes and the genuineness of the inhabitants there is doubted more and more, however, it also does not depend on it long ago any more.

"It depends on the fact, that one can realise one`s images and that one receives a suitable recognition and attention more different by others".??!!

By what and by whom are formed and cultivated these images of the career aspirations or partner wishes?

And what will be, if a child or young person must recognise quite clearly, that one will not be able to realise one`s wishes and images, because maybe by the achievements at school the prerequisite for the dream job cannot be fulfilled or the sporty or musical achievements will not be enough to follow up one`s aim?

Also all future perspectives and images can be destroyed by the parental home or can be made impossible.

Which possibilities remain then still for a young person, who not wants to be employed as a street worker or as a factory worker, but absolutely would like to prove that he exists and wanted to realise this without fail by a degree of popularity in public?

Many young people will know, that almost in every person an actor is; also there are many musically talented people or very talented football players, who still show better achievements than the known public figures and, nevertheless, are the others on the places, by which a lot of money can be "earned" and one could own all that, from what oneself had dreamed.

Nowadays thus the career aspirations go in the direction of celebrities, of coming in the direction of a power position and wealth, or in the direction to be able to contact with people from these areas, no matter, as one will do it, even doctors and teachers concentrate increasingly upon the called luxury classes.

The film-world has gone over into the reality long ago and thus it has taken many professional groups accordingly and that progresses quickly.

If one takes the today's professional training possibilities and has a look then at the occupational expectations a little closer, a certain play-acting is the prerequisite and the condition for the success in the professional life.

Also the application of the psychology is not to be underestimated and thus remain for many young people only a played naturalness and learning to have success in life.

The real aptitudes and talents of every person go lost through too high set aims and go down, as well as many young people go down by the taking of drugs and alcohol properly.

The ability to create with the hands directly something, to be able to repair or to be able to shape, will not be aware to many people anymore; also will not be aware mainly the young persons, that the intellectual capacity is stimulated by these abilities and becomes more receptive therefore.

It is enriched by many thousand processes in the brain, because these are always different processes.

In contrast to the today's activity, by which the technology or high-tech takes over thousand small mental steps and actions, the individual manufacturing and production of a product has been created by much more mind potential, what is insured of people of these professional groups a stronger and more firm mind and the susceptibility is reduced by all sorts of illnesses many times over. By the way applies that exceedingly especially to the old people and older people.

Unfortunately, the suitable recognition and a relatively right payment is often absent for these craft activities or they are not just simply payable for the average citizen.

Nowadays these recognitions and  income opportunities are mainly to find at the PERSONAL COMPUTER, in front of the microphone, at the telephone and in front of the TV camera or to find on the movie theatres screen, as well as on the sports field, where everybody can see and perceive the results or achievements.

Today the reality indicates us that, for example, highly qualified people discuss a work of Picasso, while is argued about shadings of a dab of paint and the prices of these pieces of "these works of art" rise steadily.

Each of these experts finds himself in these pictures anyhow and feels understood, or at least his feeling is expressed in these "pieces of art".

Today often one sees real pieces of art in the pedestrian zones  as a street painting and one would have to say oneself, however: I would not be able to do this or others; yes, this is really a piece of art; who has painted this picture?

Who has this talent and must waste his talent on the street?

If one has a look at the wedding clothes of the today's highnesses, one also asks oneself who has designed these clothes and who has made them?

Also here one would have to say oneself: I would not be able to do this; these are skills, there is something special behind it.

Or if one listens a tenor in an operetta or opera, one must be also astonished and say: Only very few people are able to do this; this is a talent; this is true art.

If one has a look at a woman with a suitable hairstyle, which looked rather frail before the way to the hairdresser, then one must say: This is not achievable by everybody; there something is behind it; it is a real hairdressers or female hairdressers.

If one opens daily a certain cupboard door and maybe for a period of two years, one has sometime suddenly the door handle and later then the whole door in the hand or vice versa.

Also here one can recognise that there is something behind it, indeed it is a mass production, in which sometimes one is tired of looking* at the cupboard, so that the piece for financial reasons can be easily exchanged.

In such a way one product after another comes into the garbage crackers, because it seems there is no harm in doing and that also hurts nobody else.

If there is a butcher in the area, who offers especially tasty sausage and meat, then there stand the customers "queue", because everybody says oneself: "Yes, so the sausage and the meat must taste and a personal service comes on top of that".

Then the butcher will employ enough staff to satisfy the customers and to increase his success.

If the butcher moves his sausages and meat products on a mass production by his going well company and changes his management concerning this, while he turns to another farmer, who cannot offer in large quantities the same meat quality, then he loses customers, because the customers also lose the patience to have to be in line, until the big inquiry for the sausage and meat has appeared, because now this product is to be had almost everywhere.

However, the today's youth persons do not orientate themselves by a going well butcher or hairdresser`s shop, the youth does not orientate itself by a behaved shoemaker or watchmaker's master's company as well as not in a master carpenter or painter company; the youth orientates itself rather by a PC and in Internet.

There the young person is welcomed accordingly with amusing figures or grimaces. Also a sexily wobbling picture or an erotic photo on the Internet sites may not be absent, otherwise something is absent.

The young person orientates oneself in the magazines, which will be displayed everywhere and lie around even at home. There one sees on the title pages primarily naked people, nice faces or public figures.

If one liked to be entertained* nevertheless civilised, for example, by a special radio station, then one switches on the transmitter and an erotic voice almost groans there by the radio: „And now follows the economic news“. And really, it are passed the share prices and other news from the economic area.

Normally one should pass on this transmitter also almost groaning with an erotic voice, that today all desks and leather sofas could be monopolised, if the suitable listeners react today properly on the stock exchange, namely with the result of a promising profit, you susceptible grown desk-stallions and neighing mares, you!

Please, check mutually as people of the TV-institutions and radio companies concerning this your program announcements and particularly also your advertisements, while you should be aware, that many children and young persons must catch your authorized and wanted moans.

Also many youngsters and children will be able to recognise that you will use this kind of announcements, not to lose the spectators or listeners to other transmitters.

Consider please also in the interest of the children and adolescents, with which kind of advertisement you let sponsor your activity and make the necessary adjustments; this is valid of course also for all magazines and newspaper publishing companies; otherwise one day the adjustments will have to be made, while the accumulated clear profit will be distributed then by the Cudgel of the Empress, whether to informed or  uninformed people and of course  to the persons responsible.

On behalf of


„And now,.... now....... comes thhhhe……. weather, groan.... groan..and .....whau....of ..the ….top classes?!"

Jan. 2017*

Thus a product comes after the other to the garbage cracker, because this damages apparently hurts Nobody?? !!

Sept. 2019*, April 2023*  Document completely checked!