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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To the BRD 

          And to all SAT-STATIONS           


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The German-language document you may find here!

Luebeck, 2010, Nov. 5th


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On Tuesday, November the 2nd, it was particularly discussed the statistics of unemployment via the ZDF of the German Television in the program "Menschen bei Maischberger" and so my person had to ascertain again that the government-representatives are far cry from reality.

The higher earners, who formed the discussion round yesterday, so the editor-in-chief, the host of the program or partly the present contractor, could not put them sufficiently in the position of an employed person or in the situation of unemployed people.

One or at least my person noticed completely clearly the fact, that every of the present ones sets for oneself very high yardsticks and also requirements by the own work surrounding and is responsible for it, but for the large mass of the people employed was spoken not approximately about requirements of an appropriate activity for each person.

In a short film the working sphere of a forty-year learned roofer was shown, who six years by the 1-euro-job invested his time and first of all his health into the politics of the” large breadwinners “, but today he stands surely still with forty years on the waiting list for a decent place of work now.

All present guests praised these 1-euro-jobs of course compared with those people, who only are sitting around at home and are doing nothing constructional against their situation.

With what arrogance do you send as higher earners the persons to under-qualified places of work for such hourly wages and you argue about your reputation and about your authority, what is obviously very important to you?

Against a high reputation as public persons is no objections, if the appropriate achievement and first of all the authority is present. Then it is a completely normal behavior however this behavior applies to each person accordingly his abilities, so it applies for example also for a roofer, who was brought as a still rather young person by the lack on jobs into a situation, which he had to master at the expense of his self- respect!

This self-respect depends highly on the activity, which a person is performed and what these guests will know very best, who were demonstrated in the discussion round yesterday!

If an employee and/or an employer is over his level by his activity, it gets in the long term at the expense of the health and the demanded achievement of others and of the concerning one. If an employee and/or an employer is in the long term under his level, the same with his health and with the health of others will happen, but there happens still more!

It cannot be true any longer that you and people like you ignore my letters, although the time sets completely clear indications also for a worldwide restructuring of the economy including the places of work.

You as higher earners have more and more requirements, which you will also actually place to yourselves, however then you have to learn to deal with the real situation of the individual person employed or with the unemployed persons, otherwise you furthermore will stranded!

The health insurance companies, the council of physicians and hospitals as well as nursing homes keep account concerning the way of an employee of an industrialized and highly technical world, which are able to and have to do position additionally to the many illnesses by the places of work.

On a big scale are produced e. g. pollutants, postural deformities, the blunting the brain and eye damages and not at least the nerve strength of the individual is strained.

After such a long working day one afterwards usually goes by bus, by underground, or by rapid-transit railway, or by car and gives gas or however one rides on the bicycle and inhales still additionally the pollutants of the motor vehicles. 

The health comes only later, first of all must be held the available place of work or job and if necessary also by mobbing on the job, because the next person is waiting for the place of work with everything that belongs to it.

The calculation of the health insurance companies and public health cares are you well-known as a higher earner yet and so one may expect from some higher earners that these people can recognize at least connections, what in an economic circulation as well as in a cycle of life have to be there generally!

At the point at which it is at the most expensive and most dangerous, one begins and at the point, at which it is most important, one then continues the restructuring.

First it concerns the power supply, which comes from the power socket and it concerns the escalation of earth, what have to be prevented or to retarded by the immediate ending of the exploitation and by the nuclear tests!

Particularly the energy feedstock, which comes from earth, like oil, gas and coal must be mined economically with expert knowledge. One can meter the achievement of a kilowatt-hour from the power socket e. g. at the achievement by the physical strength of an average man and find out the real hourly wage.

An achievement must be in principle always measurable and it should be mainly bound to lasting values, which for the respective and coming generation must be of use.

A lasting value can be for example also the passing on the virtue and the faith for humans. The social formation of humans in connection with a sense-fulfilled life is a most valuable achievement, which in general very much later has an effect.

For the “basic upbringing” of a person always the parents or the family are prior-ranking responsible and are also to be bound to a performance-related payment on which each legal guardian has a right followed by „the teaching stuffs. “

The state cannot relieve this responsibility to the parents and the state will also not be made responsible for the education of a child, it always will be the parents followed from the grandparents!

It cannot be the fact, that the mothers of infants, children or adolescents are driven from the house and at the same time then other people are unemployed or do not receive an apprenticeship and thus ever more young people sag in their self- respects.

To it comes that already many infants, whose must “work” in the group longer than three hours, will carry out more the day as you as Federal Commissioners, which is more than only shaming!

From children, whose have already a too thin nerve costume and a full-time assistance is following after school, I would like only betoken, that these children have to work and to pay for your and other ones self-respect!

A housewife and mother forms in a fast moving society with an accelerated economic growth by means, which uncontrolled become used, the rest pole for the beginning of a still possible future of the children and coming generations.

The fast moving time on the job was addressed regarding the older employees, who have however experiences for many years in the occupation world or in the firm, what was likewise discussed in the TV program; so older persons cannot keep up with the speed of younger persons and the achievement of the older ones is not sufficient in most fields of work, as the entrepreneur of the discussion round noticed with the agreement of the others.

An accelerated growth is equivalent to a progressing greed and gluttony of the humans, because after all it is always a matter of the prosperity of the individual and not a matter of a fair distribution of the good and the foods and then always it is a matter of the exploitation of earth or the environmental pollution.

You as the higher earners do not know, how one goes by bus nowadays, you do not know, how one lives in a flat let for rent nowadays; you know simply much too little from the people and from the real everyday life of life.

Statistics do not get the necessary information, which the persons need, if they move at the top places, where is initiated a development for the future.

You as the higher earners and public persons in politics and economics in part use your status falsely by decorating yourselves with younger women, which sit down in an already made home and you forget the fact, that just you have a model function and that just you must pass the laws for the protection of a family and not in the other way round!

If the family is protected from the outside by prior-ranking the father can exercise an activity, which is appropriate for him and for the environmental requirements and if the adultery will be prosecuted again, whereupon by a divorce also the children become “broken”, because the family is destroyed and if the mother educates and cares for her children by an appropriate payment as a housewife, then the calculation within very many ranges looks like very much better!

The present special task of the mothers will also have to concentrate on it that the entire „hog house” of the respective city including the Media have to be cleared up, so that the most sensitive child can grow up without much roar and without a psychological harm.

At the same time the uniform, fixed religion has to pass on the children, whereby particularly the father and also the grandparents are taken into responsibility, however the restructuring without the true clergy cannot be convertible.


Since you and people like you are irreplaceable as well as every other person, you will use please, the public means of transport or a bicycle in future. That does apply to all representatives and to all return trips, particularly to your places of work.

In few days or weeks you will be well grounded and will be familiar with the reality.

Then please, you will bring together the ambassadors from the whole world and will hand over cleanly the government to the Royally Danish Ambassadors, whose are placed under the direct governmental power of King J. and more under the territorial authority of Emperor D., which you as leaving groups will have to ask for the assumption of office. 

As well as for me and for a few other persons applies the irreplaceability. But just my person and further irreplaceable  persons with a special status are put upon to the endmost. Also the situation is abused in which preferably my person and my family are in.

Further my life and my health are knowingly risked by others what is non-excusable.

That means for each growing up Christian, that own life or the health has to be stood up for the fair matter in return and if that does not happen voluntarily, then must and then will be acted with accordingly measures.

I will give you time only a few days. If my entire demands are not fulfilled within the next week and if my person cannot secure the top of my family according to the health and financially, then I will see to further cooking recipes from Kenya or Haiti and your grown up children will get to know once an alluvium cake or mud cookies at first.

Ursula Sabisch

Empress .................. or would you rather have made a Rumpelstiltskin from me?

There are sufficient letters available in the matter and there is present sufficient evidence for my identity by others, who must learn to deal with the truth again. Consider with the fact, that arrogance is not equivalent with rule or leading, because that should be learned!

And consider with your business: Pack brawls itself and pack gets along!

Now it follows a document according to the cooking recipes from Kenya, because the given time is over!

___________Ursula Sabisch, Lübeck, Germany